Many people may wonder why this font required 24 years of development. So I hope here to explain the long process a bit. It was not just about drawing some symbols and making a font from them. That would take only a day.

everyone ignores as they complain in hissy fits over a nonstandard symbol in one of my fonts.

Imagine if the alphabet letter "A" was only allowed as the word "ARTICHOKE"
and could never be reused in other words.
And "C" has to mean "cat".
And "D" has to mean "dog".
And "E" has to mean "energy".
Well that is what Blissymbolics has become.
That's why they need to search for a needle (blissword)
in a haystack (the 5000 symbols and their six digit numbers)
for hours before typing each word in a sentence.

Now to make my point are six lines from a song which I translated to Bliss in two minutes using the
and then needed five more minutes to put in the English.
When I got to the word "food", remembering I did't put that Blissymbol in the font, I just typed it anyway with common sense of what food is. Look at the symbol. It is way less abstract than the Blissymbol "ground line under mouth" ideograph. I typed a pictograph resembling stuff directed towards the mouth. And of course we all know a pictograph is always better than an ideograph. The eyes see the meaning immediately instead of the mind needing to figure it out as in a compound ideograph.
This font can do this because Blissymbols have been broken down into parts for this font and also because this font is enhanced by useful Pictobabel glyphs from my Pictobabbel Language I created in 1993.
My language was a Pictobet (Pictophonetic Alphabet) of 48 shapes each assigned a sound. But I had not heard of Bliss until 1995 and had no linguistic carreer behind me then. I had no idea of how to visualize abstract "determiner" words like "a" or "the" and certainly not more advanced abstract concepts as Charles Bliss was able. People not in linguistics do not realize what an amazing achievement Bliss was. Charles Kaisel Bliss is the only G-d I know for sure was real. I worship Him and capitalize his pronoun. But he gave us something beautiful to nurture and develop further, not freeze dead like High Latin, another wonderfully clear language, but in the Phonetic era. We must stand on his shoulders and take it where he could not go because his time was cut short by that demon death, and an ignorant world.

The Font is nearly all standard Bliss Symbols but is peppered with key Pictobabel glyphs which I suddenly a few weeks ago noticed filled in gaps and functions which Bliss was lacking. And also the glyphs provide more little shapes to type into patterns to compose pictographs and ideographs on the fly. Bliss provides all the principles to make it a language. Pictobabel oils the gears where Bliss is missing a symbol and certain key Pictobabel glyphs connect Bliss more directly to Nature with the arm, hand and other pictographic gesture glyphs which reveal the gestural foundation of language.

We are well into the visual era of language. Blissymbolics layed the foundation before the time was ripe.

I typed these ANEWBLISS.ttf pronouns in four seconds. The English words were typed in about 30 seconds but required three minutes of cutting and pasting to place them with each symbol. Then five minutes to upload to GoDaddy which hosts most of my sites. To the Bliss cops out there who have never read the Charles K. Bliss books themselves, Charles himself created these pronouns and they sure as hell don't need to be approved by usurpers and amateurs who think they know better than Charles and imagine they need to lock down his language in ice and fear of disapproval.

Frequency of use of each symbol in the actual use of the language must be analysed to discover where in the font to place each symbol. Blisswords like "a" or "the" are obvious. They are used so often, obviously they belong on lower case keys because the shift key is not needed. Thus that Blissword is typed in just one second. A symbol on the upper case would require probably two seconds because of a slight delay for pressing the shift key.

This may seem trivial, but it all adds up, determining how long it will take to type a letter, or a book. No one in the Bliss Community believes they could ever type a whole Bliss Book. The insurmountable obstacle preventing them is the fact they must search through thousands of files looking for a single Blissword, only to find the symbol has not been created yet and thus cannot be typed.

This problem does not exist anymore, for reasons I will try to explain. But the short answer is that you create any Blissword you need from extremely versatile parts in the font. There are no missing Blisswords in the BlissCymbalix font. They are all there. Even thousands of ideas that don't exist yet in the world. Just as the alphabet already contains all future new words for new future concepts or discoveries in the world, an extremely versatile set of specially designed shapes can fit together in endless ways.

The English language has a million words and the average person uses about 4,000 of them. There are actually only about 4,000 expressible ideas in the universe. Lots of words and confusion in language hides this fact. It is no accident that Blissymbolics has about 5,000 symbols. That is all there is to say.